International Moving

Our commitment is to you. We transport something bigger than material goods. We transport dreams, an asset that only Cosmopolita understands.

Cosmopolita Moving

International Moving Company

International moving dedicated or shared, to Brazil or abroad, with Door-to-Door Transport and a network of agents all over the world.

International moving is complex and with a long list of legal details in the international transportation subject, to Brazil or abroad.

Cosmopolita, an international moving company specialist, will clear all the doubts about goods or cargo, what can or cannot be transported, as well as the necessary documents for the customs clearance of the origin and destination of the transport and the types of baggage, accompanied or unaccompanied.

Our department of international moving will provide a complete assistance in the fiscal and customs procedures with the government agencies. If you wish to read the return laws to Brazil, access the Consular Portal.

Types of International Moving

International Moving Procedures

Check the main steps to make your international moving without stress and with professionalism.
A checklist of Items

The first step is to take a detailed survey of your goods.

Proposal and Contract

The proposal is presented, and the moving contract is signed.


The moving planning is established with the client.


It’s time to dissemble your furniture, pack your items and transport.


Customs bureaucratic assistance of international moving.


Full coverage of all the objects included in the moving.

Time to Move

We disassemble and pack with the proper materials.


We have the OTM/ANTT license for multimodal transport.


Frequently Asked Questions

We check all the required documents for customs clearance, needed in the country of origin and destination, in order to avoid any barrier in the process of transporting abroad. We create a schedule with every step of the process.

Goods for commercial or industrial purpose. Motorcycles, motorized bicycles, automobiles, jet ski, aircraft, hang-glider, paraglider, inflatable boats, kayaks, self-propelled land vehicle.

It depends on the quantity of objects, which means the moving volume. In general terms, it takes about 20 to 45 days, it depends on a series of factors that we are going to make it clear during the planning part of the process with the client.

Yes, but it’s necessary to prove the relation between your equipments and your profession and that those items are going to be used for work purposes in the country you are going to live. Remember to take the equipments' note.

Our moving company works with a full coverage of material damages, which includes coverage of losses, except for the risks described in the insurance policy. If you have any doubts, contact us.

Your ID (RG and CPF for Brazilians), return ticket, declaration of abroad residence, copy of all the passport pages, proof of residence of the last 13 months, list of goods with values in Reais.

Household appliances, electronics, computer, tools, personal hygiene products, clothes and accessories, all characterized by how they are used and limited by each member of the family.

If you acquired new goods while living in another country, you should declare them and communicate to the customs broker so that he, alongside with the Federal Revenue, provides you a new tax calculation to pay.