Furniture Storage Brasília DF

A fast and practical solution for the ones who don’t have enough space or simply desire to store furniture, equipments and personal objects.


Organized, secure and with restricted access by authorized people only.

Contract our warehouse in Brasília-DF if your residence or company is being reformed. If necessary, our team can disassembly, pack with the proper materials and transport with all the needed security.

The warehousing is made by contract, which will define the duration of the service, as well as the Cosmopolita responsibility, and your property will be covered by the insurance policy as well.

Our Own Headquarters

Safe facilities for small or large companies.

Insurance Coverage

Our furniture storage insurance covers theft and fire.

Pest Control

Recurring pest inspection, providing durability.


Storage for an individual or legal entity, it can be personal or company property.

Restricted Access

Access is restricted to authorized persons named in the contract only.

24 Hour Monitoring

Monitored by surveillance camera and security company.


All of your furniture and objects are packed with specific materials to avoid damages.


Your belongings are labelled and cataloged in the system in a clear and objective manner.


Storage for a short period of time or indefinite, based on your needs.