We concern a lot with the transition process to your new home, hence our service of interstate moving surpass for caprice and quickness, people and feelings that need to arrive in safety to new destination.

Count with our help and do a budget for your interstate moving.

Interstate Moving from North to South, East to West

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  • We survey all pieces of furniture and objects to be transported by Cosmopolitan Interstate moving.
  • After survey or analysis of the budget form sent through our site we forward you a proposal of interstate moving.
  • Agreeing with the clauses of interstate moving, based in the proposal conditions we present a contract to be signed by the parties.
  • The Schedule of execution of the services for interstate moving will be stated.
  • Now we begin furniture disassembly and their packing, in addition to objects that are going to be transported to destination.
  • After delivering the move, everything will be unpacked, mounted and organized according to customer instructions.
  • We collect all material used in the transportation of the moving, such as: bubble plastic, mattress sacks, cartoon, etc. so that your new house is clean and organized, mess free.
  • While your moving is on the Road it will be monitored 24 hours, whereas our trucks has monitoring system and our controlling office will be watching your moving.