Door to Door International Moving

The international moving is complex and full of legal details in the scope of international transport, goods that can and can’t be transported by air and sea, and documentation to clear customs in origin and destination.

Cosmopolitan, company of international moving, prioritizes the safe international transport so that the transition to your new life be easy, independently of distance from origin and destination of the moving.

The international transport department of Cosmopolitan Moving transporter will provide complete advisory in the fiscal and customs procedures against the government agencies for international moving, being moving to abroad or to Brazil.

We are in Brasília DF and all around the world. We are discerning in the international moving services seeing that we do what other doesn’t, starting with the international transport with insurance policy, attendance pre and post contracting.

We excel a high-quality standard since analysis of documents that authorities requires to the international moving itself. Our consultants and involved agents follow and monitor the sea and air international transportation.

Before contracting the service to perform your international moving is important to know the company which will transport your goods, clarify doubts about formalities and customs inspection in origin and destination, in order to avoid any embarrassment in the international transportation.

One of our consultants specialized in international moving will be designated to assist you from start to finish the international transportation, from origin country to country of destination. We offer hard cartons and Cosmopolitan own for each kind of object. Packaging professionals are aware of the responsibility to handle and pack your goods with attention and care.

cargueiro de mudança internacional

Our Differential in International Moving

  • Agents all over the world to help you with the planning of international moving, and perform a full service “door to door”.
  • Documents advisement for safe international moving.
  • Preliminary survey of all pieces of furniture and object to be transported.
  • We unload, unpack reassembly and remove any debris.
  • Complete insurance coverage in contracting the international moving.
  • Storage in our furniture keeper if necessary.

Information About International Moving

For those who are moving to Brazil

Who can import moving to Brazil?

Returning Brazilian who lived abroad.

How someone can prove that lived out of Brazil?

By presenting different kind of bills: rental contract, electric Power, gas, etc.

Can I sell part of my moving before returning to Brazil?

Yes, however you must check possible restriction in the origin country, depending on the type of visa you have.

Can someone transport car, motorcycle, others?

Only new powered vehicles and upon payment of duties.

Studied abroad only 6 months, what can I take to Brazil?

Clothes, accessories, shoes, books, personal effects once all items are used during your staying out of country.

Have new items, how they must be declared.

You must inform to the customs officer or to the broker so that duties value can be checked.

Complete service, we pack your entire moving, load into a container and head to the seaport of origin, clear customs, embark to the port of destination; We receive it, unload and transport to your new address, the rest is on us.

This service is in charge of packing the whole moving, load into a container, head to the port nearest of your residence. We clear customs at port of loading and embark to the destination port. Cosmopolitan’s participation finishes at this point and customer is responsible for customs clearance, transportation to the new house, unload, unpack and mounting.

In the importation of your moving to Brazil, we clear customs in the Brazilian port, transport the container to the new residence, unload and unpack the goods, reassembly main furniture and return the empty container to the port terminal.

This is a kind of simpler moving service, we collect the container in the port of loading, we transport in vessel until the port of destination, and the container is delivered to the destination port and further procedures that are under customer responsibility.

Frequent Question About International Moving

  • What are the procedures for an international transport?

    We check all the documents required by customs authorities, origin and destination, in orde to avoid impediment to transport the moving abroad. We schedule all steps of the process.

  • What cannot be transported?

    Goods that feature importation or exportation with commercial or industrial purposes; Motorbikes, motorized bicycle, vehicles, jet ski, airplanes such as hang gliding, paragliding; inflatable boats, kayaks, motor homes.

  • How long does it take to perform the transportation?

    Time of moving depends on the origin, destination, modality of shipment and volume of the moving, Usually, can range from 20 to 60 days depending on several factors that we clarify during our meeting.

  • Can I take work equipment abroad?

    Yes, but it’s necessary to prove the relation between the equipments and profession and they will be used to work in the country where you are going to leave. Remember to take the purchase bill;

  • Will my moving be insured during transportation?

    Our moving company works with insurance coverage against damages that covers all types of losses, except risks described in the insurance policy; Contact us in case of doubts.

  • What documents are required to clear customs for the transportation?

    ID, CPF number, airline ticket, passport copy, statement of living abroad issued by the Brazilian consulate, valued Portuguese list and some forms that we present.

  • What goods are allowed in the international transportation?

    Appliances, electronics, computer, tools, toilet items, clothes, all featured as used and in accordance with the purposes of the travelling;

  • I have new goods, how they must be declared?

    If you purchased the goods within the 6 months before your definite return than they must be declared as new in your valued list. Maybe you are free of duties, consult us.