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Warehousing Brasília-DF

What does not fit there, we store here!

Warehousing Brasília-Df (warehouse of furniture) is a fast and practical solution for the one who does not own space, or simply wishes to store the furniture, equipments and personal effects.

In Cosmopolitan’s warehouse Brasilia-DF you can store documents and archives of companies, everything will be organized and safe, only authorized people can access the box. We will be the protector of your goods and furniture.

If your apartment or company is going to be reformed, you can contract our warehousing Brasília-Df, if needed our team will disassembly, pack and transport to our storehouse, thus your furniture and objects will be free of any damage.

FAQ About our Warehouse Brasília-DF

Frequent doubts about how we perform the warehousing service in Brasília-DF

Our differential

  • Periodic pest control, in other words, your furniture will be safe into our storehouse free of pragues.
  • We are insured against fire and theft.
  • All objects or piece of furniture will be clear and objectively identified.
  • All furniture will be packed in special material to avoid any damage.
  • We can store your furniture and objects for short or undetermined time.
  • Insurance coverage.

How does it work?

  • All items are unloaded, checked and stored in Van storage.
  • Your belongings are kept in safety place, no dusty and free of insects that can damage or furniture or personal effects.
  • We not only pack and transport to the warehouse but organize your goods.
  • Individual boxes in wooden and dully marked.

How to contract the warehouse?

  • For individual – copies of documents ID and individual tax payer registration (CPF), proof of residence.
  • Corporation – Registration of Corporate Taxpayers (CNPJ), copy of articles incorporation, proof of address and copy of ID of the legal representative.
  • To remove the goods is simple, contact our Office to Schedule date and time, or if preferred we can transport to the destination you wish.

How long can I contract?

  • You can contract warehouse for undetermined time, it means you can let your furniture stored for a short or long period, you decide.
  • We do not require sponsor or guarantee, with the best cost-benefit.
  • We charge according to the space the customer rented.
  • Our contract can be renewed and rescissible by client at any time.

Who has access?

  • Everything will be stored in total safety, the access to the belongings is restricted to the person the customer allow.
  • Afterward if you wish to add more goods, contact our office;
  • The cost will be valued according to the object to be stored. You can take to us or we can collect in the place you need.

Solution for companies.

  • Secure facilities for small or large companies.
  • Stock of goods
  • Archives and documents
  • Insurance coverage