cosmopolitanWith extensive experience in the moving transportation industry, Cosmopolitan is one of the most innovative company in the business, operating all over Brazil and abroad, constantly reaffirms the purpose of offering to its customers, safety, tranquility, and customized service since the first contact, for execution of the transportation of your moving and storage of your goods and furniture.

That business philosophy reflects in the politics of development new packaging and in the constant investment in latest technology.

Our team

We count on a prepared team to plan and speed up the moving process and transportation, searching to attend the needs and requirements of our clients.

Our fleet

Our fleet of trucks is modern and is online monitored 24 hours per day. While your moving is being transported by our company, the central will be monitoring your moving.

Our packaging

Our packaging for moving is modern, resistant and customized. Each piece of furniture and object are going to be packed with appropriate packaging. Our company constantly invests in material for moving to prevent any damage to your furniture.

For each category of moving we do a detailed planning, including time for transportation, necessary documentation, reducing to the maximum the costs and risks.

We work with storage of furniture in Brasília; we keep your goods and furniture as long as you need, in a safe place and practically.

Our Philosofy

Supply our customers with a differential in safety, agility and ponctuality in the transportation of their moving.

Our Advantages
  1. Customized services

  2. Meet expectations

  3. Transparency

  4. Proactivity

  5. Safety

  6. Prevention of damage

  7. Punctuality

  8. Sustainability

  9. Innovation

  10. Ongoing improvement


Our clients certify that the concept of safety is a Constant in all the services performed by Cosmopolitan. We list some of the technical certifications granted by some clients.


We’re totally legalized and affiliate against the competent authorities; therefore you can entrust your moving to Cosmopolitan. Bellow we inform the affiliation of Cosmopolitan Moving and transport.