We offer the transportation solution for commercial moving in Brasília Df and to other States. Transporter that assists medium and large companies caring of the conditioning and transportation of the furniture, equipment and office stuff of your business. Ask a quotation and do the moving of your company in planned way, safe and systemized.

Commercial Moving to Medium and Large Companies

mudança comercial para sua empresa Brasília-DF

We will do a technical survey before execution of the commercial moving of our company. After that you will schedule possible date and time for us to perform the moving, in order to not prejudice the routine of the company.

  • The commercial moving planning is accomplished and performed by professional movers, always clearing your doubts.
  • We attend medium and large companies in several segments in any part of the country.
  • Our team is extremely careful in handling of goods of your company. Each item will be packed; depending on the destination packed goods will be listed. We disassembly, reassembly and redistribute the furniture. Moving dully supervised.
  • Our fleet of truck is system tracked.
  • We do a previous survey in order to certify the conservation of furniture and objects and then define the packing material to be used.
  • Customer is responsible to turn off the electronics and computer equipment so we can pack them.
  • We pack everything with agility and safety, after delivery we remove all material used in the moving. Cosmopolitan takes care of everything for you.